Steven Cross

Main character of the novel.


Boredom has defined Steven’s life more than anything else he could immediately think of. That’s why he played so many games. Anything to stop the boredom if only for a little bit. Maybe it was the lack of girlfriend, or the dead-end job he just couldn’t bring himself to quit, or maybe it was the general lack of enthusiasm he had towards anything. Steven knew it made him seem jaded and douchey, but he couldn’t really help it. It’s also why he dropped out of college, a move that didn’t impress his parents at all.

Ultimately it was boredom that attracted him to playing tabletop RPGs. Well that, and his best friend Eric hounding him for years to try out Monsters and Mayhem. He had to admit, it was pretty fun and he could play for hours without cracking a sarcastic comment. That’s also where he met Jessica, who also lifted his spirits. Sure, she was dating Chad, but maybe one day she’d wake up and realize he was all wrong for her. Recently she had been coming to the games rather rather sullen and it was bothering Steve. He didn’t like to see her like that. He hoped nothing was wrong.


When transported into the game Steven ends up becoming a Witch Hunter. The Witch Hunter wears medium armor and tends to fight with dual weapons (Such as two swords, or a sword and a hand crossbow). Witcher hunters track down any malevolent sources of magic and eliminate them from further harming humanity. As such they have higher resistances to magic, and tend to use talismans to ward them from harm from specific magical spells or sources.

They’re also able to attack and hinder magic users in such a way that it makes it difficult for those magicians to further cast magic.

Steven Cross

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